The Electronic Kool-Aid Acid Test

That's good thinking there, Microsoft. Create yet another version of your browser, version 8, and have it finally pass the Acid2 test. Good browsers can pass this test with flying colors and render Web pages properly. They don't freak out on the code and return rainbow patterns and garbled text that make end-users feel as though they're on some sort of bad acid trip...

The Death of Desktop Software

The Rest is Semantics

The Semantic Web has the potential to radically transform the World Wide Web. Call it "Web 3.0" if you like. Once the Web speaks a common language it will be "intelligent". Well, maybe not intelligent the way you might define it, but let's not quibble over semantics...

Browser War II

Browser War II won't be a fight like Browser War I was during the 1990s between Microsoft and Netscape in which Microsoft used its marketplace muscle to beat down and eventually knock out Netscape. The battle landscape has changed significantly since the 1990s and Microsoft no longer has the control it once had. That control has been given to you in the form of choice in an open and competitive market...

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